trey gerfers III is an ambient lighting artist and designer with a formal background in languages and translation; he gained his inspiration for working with light while living in the crepuscular climes of northern europe, where he worked for six years in berlin as a translator; the darkness of most german seasons makes superb interior lighting indispensible; it also encourages lots of travel; other illuminating moments have included a thrilling play of sunlight and shadow on the ruins of baalbek in lebanon; a sunset over the kalahari in botswana; and a light and sound show at uxmal in the yucatan peninsula of mexico

trey gerfers III moved to san francisco in 2000, where he worked at the design firm of smwm, tinkering with maps and aerial photographs and furiously building models of future cities; he spent his free time creating lamps out of stainless steel kitchen equipment and cycling around madly; after a very brief foray into a graduate program in city planning, he tossed it all in and moved back to the bay area, where he now splits his time between san francisco and point reyes

you can contact him by email or give a call at 415.250.5228

the artist in 1974